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So today I left the house wearing two different shoes...

Updated: Dec 26, 2022

Today I left the house with two different shoes on…my shoes weren't even close to matching. This wasn't two different black flip-flops. One of these shoes was RED...not even a concealable color.

Have you ever had one of those #mornings? You’ve hopped out of bed ready to start the day…you get breakfast made, the kitchen cleaned, the bags packed, even the dog was taken care of before heading out for another eventful weekend filled with anything but relaxation. You feel like you can take on the day (for once). Everyone gets out the door on time, you make it to the practices, coffee is in hand…and then you look down!!! When I looked down, I felt in that moment, my crazy, overflowing, chaotic thoughts were now living outside of me for all to see!

It undoubtedly has happened to most of us…the inside out pants, the backwards t-shirt, two different shoes, the mascara made it on to one eye, the spilled coffee, the butt dial, the forgotten meeting, or any other of life's curveballs. Why does this happen?

I’m going to call this a #success in one regard. But in another, a call to action! Clearly the #parenting was so 'on point' that YOU were now #suffering for it. How do we bring it all back in to #balance? How do we find the time, the energy, or the patience to even begin to bring it all back in to balance?

While working on my own personal #journey to bring my life and #happiness in to balance and take back control of my time, I’ve used some of these simple techniques below and thought I would share what has worked and what has not worked. While working on these techniques, be patient with the process. Allow yourself time and space and trust the process. Do not expect perfection. Give yourself grace to allow time for yourself. Have patience yet hold yourself accountable. Save yourself from these embarrassing moments by #decluttering your thoughts. This may be practiced literally and figuratively.

And, yes, I invited you on this journey with me because this is a mutually beneficial place to come and learn, and to laugh and grow, to #collaborate and unwind!

For goodness sake, consult #professionaladvice! Seek a counselor, therapist, #lifecoach, doctor, or anyone skilled in handling these complexities that exist in our head and our hearts should the need arise! Since we now live in a world filled with lawsuits and internet experts, I feel I should mention my posts are not backed concrete scientific data and should serve as an anecdotal viewpoint backed by education and life experience and in no way should replace any professional advice sought!

Breathe!! - #Breathwork is one of the most underutilized techniques when it comes to self care. Before running out the door each morning (or any time of the day) take 30 seconds to sit and #breathe. You can do this at the kitchen table, the side of your bed, or even in the front seat of your car. Let your thoughts come in to focus and clear your mind. Breath work can take up to a minute or through guided meditation, mindfulness exercises, or during and after exercise. Breath work can be integrated in to any part of the day and its benefits can be linked to lower stress and anxiety among others. Click here to read more about breath work.

Mirror Moments - one of my personal favorites is a tool you already use every single day! You can write out daily, weekly, or monthly words of #affirmation, reminders, goals, or “to-do’s” on your #mirror. This will begin and end your day with #positive reinforcement and causal, gentle reminders. This also works well with kids and in your personal relationships. Since I suck at verbal communication, I find this tool extremely helpful. Also, I know this can all be digital but, for me, the thought of writing words down and crossing those "to-do's" off of a list is so much more rewarding. Choose whatever works best for you.

Exercise - yes, I know, this is a tough one. But a gentle reminder can't hurt right? 20 to 30 minutes a day of #exercise can set the tone for your mindset and your attitude. The benefits from #endorphins (especially during stressful times) can be added to your healthy list of coping mechanisms. I could go on and on about the benefits of exercise. But, if any of you are like me, you struggle to even find the time.


F%@& IT - As a wise woman once said! But honestly - I want to set the tone for this page and for my journey - It won’t always be pretty or polished. It won’t always go straight and oftentimes will even go out of order. Let the shit roll off your back! If your kids are playing in the street please don’t say F%@& IT! But, if your boss sent you a scathing email or your husband asked you for the one millionth time “What’s for Dinner?”, before you respond, go back and repeat Step 1… And if all else fails, F%@& it!

AND, maybe, just maybe, tomorrow you’ll leave the house with two matching shoes.

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